Consolidated Electrical Systems, Inc.
 Electrical Contractors ~ specializing in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications ~ Since 1997
State License: FL-EC1833 * GA-EN213455



Thank you for your interest in Consolidated Electrical Systems, Inc. (C.E. Systems, Inc.).  We are a licensed electrical contractor   serving the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean Markets from our headquarters in Tampa, Florida.  We are well known for our commitment to safety, fair competition and prosperity for our industry.

At C.E. Systems, Inc. we are a TEAM, appreciating, supporting and respecting the contribution of each team member.  We look forward to merging our team with yours for many years to come.  This atmosphere of teamwork and pride in our work define us and our success.

C.E. Systems, Inc. is an authorized contractor for the Department of Defense and the Federal Government. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be more than just an Electrical & Specialty Contractor; it encompasses the administration and development of the effort as well commits us to provide the highest quality products, superior customer service, and earth friendly installations by integrating automation and technologies into design, reducing the consumption of electricity and our natural resources.

Our Mission

To serve the needs of our clients and employees with superior quality, wholly integrated solutions and a commitment to the future of our relationships and the planet.