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CCTV Surveillance

Depending on the application, whether for crime prevention general monitoring, management or process control, CE Systems will design a CCTV system ensuring high standards of performance while balancing cost to budget needs.

CE Systemsí platform for digital system integration is to combine digital video recording, digital video multiplexing, network video transmission, dome control and audio all in one, self-contained, easy-to-use package. Typically our design product requires no licenses to purchase for use of its software and viewing is secured even when accessing over the internet via a web browser. Events recorded may be copied to a desktop, CD, DVD, or even e-mail for documentation of a recorded event. Recordings from this system are tamper-proof and often entered into evidence during court proceedings.

Our design goal is to utilize technology to monitor activities instead of manpower and document various activities while balancing resources with risk analyses. We can fully integrate your CCTV System with any Code Blue or Mass Notification System. Software can be added to these cameras to detect human life forms and track movement of one or multiple persons, as used on remote military installations to patrol the grounds with technology instead of men.