Consolidated Electrical Systems, Inc.
 Electrical Contractors ~ specializing in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications ~ Since 1997
State License: FL-EC1833 * GA-EN213455

Access Control

C.E. Systems is a licensed Electrical Contractor headquartered in Tampa Florida specializing in low voltage integration. We design our access control systems to ensure that the people with access to valuable assets, inventory or restricted areas are those entitled to it.


With an internet connection, from any location you can monitor and control multiple facilities, view live event logs and remotely lock or unlock doors.  Access Control not only aids in preventing unauthorized entry, but by integrating CCTV, Security and interactive floor plans, you can view video, arm or disarm burglar alarm systems. 

By monitoring and restricting entry, you do more than protect valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft and damage you can actually run your business more safely, efficiently and profitably.

24-Hour Emergency Call Service in the Tampa Bay area.