Consolidated Electrical Systems, Inc.
 Electrical Contractors ~ specializing in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional applications ~ Since 1997
State License: FL-EC1833 * GA-EN213455

Electrical Contracting

Our highly trained and qualified electricians contribute to the success in fulfilling our customers needs. C.E. Systems, Inc., guarantees prompt, reliable, professional and quality service in all areas of electrical construction.

Civil Works

C.E. Systems, Inc. is dedicated to producing quality civil construction works for the residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors, while maintaining the highest level of integrity at all times. We offer clients the expertise, equipment, resources and technology required to complete even the toughest construction project.

Commercial Applications

C.E. Systems, Inc. is a Florida based electrical contractor established in 1997.  Our established reputation for quality performance and meeting the demands of challenging projects while adhering to our high standards of workmanship has been the cornerstone of our company.   C.E. Systems, Inc. provides complete electrical services for new construction, existing buildings, modifications / tenant improvements and special projects in a variety of environments including manufacturing, entertainment, retail, office complexes, and churches.

Educational Facilities

C.E. Systems has a long history and vast experience in Educational Facilities from elementary school to Universities.

Government Applications

C.E. Systems, Inc. is an approved Federal Contractor.  Our electricians meet the stringent requirements of the US Government and are highly trained. Our firm is in strict compliance with US Administrative Code and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

HealthCare Facilities

Today’s healthcare facilities incorporating sophisticated systems and equipment installations require knowledgeable, specialized project management with a skilled workforce. To meet these needs, our experienced staff and field personnel receive continuing education to learn the latest techniques and technologies in medical construction.



Industrial Application


LED Retrofits

LED retrofit technologies is a straightforward remedy to the energy/power consumption problem. Commercial and industrial facilities have a significant use of energy and our modern day life-style makes minimizing power consumption less and less likely. But just by adopting a LED retrofit lighting method in your workplace or residence, you can decrease your power consumption.

Photovoltaic Applications

Installing panels that utilize the limitless energy of the sun can both decrease what you spend on power and reduce your reliance on destructive fossil fuels. If you are considering a conversion to green utility systems, contact our team. Our licensed and insured contractors can help you select equipment that is appropriate for your space and your budget.